Happy Thanksgiving

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

the weekend was a little taste of winter but today is pretty nice. It looks
like this week, including Thanksgiving Day, should be pretty nice and
enjoyable. I hope that you can get together with you and yours and have an
enjoyable time giving thanks for all the things we have and all the great
people that we know. With these holidays that are here now and coming up in the
future, time sure seems to go quickly. Were already noticing some patients with
stress issues due to the holidays. I think we sometimes wind ourselves up into
expecting too much during these holidays. Hopefully we can all chill out and
just enjoy them, however they turn out to be. It’s always good to see our
friends and family and catch up on all the news, especially if you haven’t seen
them for quite a long time. Try not to eat a lot of sugary foods so that your
immune system stays strong and you’re not sick for Christmas-ha.

health shops this month are looking at “Getting Ready for Winter”. This week
were talking about “Why Do I Get Sick?”. Right along with the first paragraph,
when we eat foods that are processed our bodies have to “rob Peter to pay Paul”
to utilize these processed foods as all the good nutrients have been processed
out of them. That’s why we try to get people to stay with meats and vegetables
as these are not as processed and have more nutrition in them to absorb. All
the pastries and pies and things are very processed and the sugars remove a lot
of the good nutrition from the body that it would normally use on other
systems, like the immune system. This is why people many times have colds and
flu after a holiday when you get together with others and share bugs. It’s not
really the bugs fall, but the person’s immune system that is weakened due to
their bad food choices.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the problem with too much
sleep increasing your odds for a stroke. Moderation is the key for most things,
even sleep. What I would look at for the Natural Health point of view, is that
these people who are sleeping all these hours, are not getting good sleep and
are then more tired. If the body has enough good B vitamins, the
parasympathetic nervous system is activated and people can get good deep sleep
that helps with healing. People are just tired from over activity and poor
diets, they may sleep a lot but are not getting the healing sleep that a deep
sleep can get them. At Natural Health, we work towards getting the body systems
to work correctly so the person gets around 7 to 8 hours of sleep and then wake
up refreshed and ready to go for the whole day. Another very simple thing that
keeps people from having thick blood that may lead to a stroke, is just good
hydration, drinking half of their body weight in ounces of water per day and
using sea salt and mineral salt as electrolytes so that the kidneys can keep
fluid levels healthy in the body. Hydration is something that people don’t
think much about but is very, very important for good health to be obtained.

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all of us here at Natural Health, please have a very Happy Thanksgiving and
don’t eat too much (always a nice thought!). 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark