Having Sinus Issues?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend but we just can’t seem to get any rain. Things are so dry
again and the harvesting has pumped a lot of dust and pollen into the air.
We’re getting a lot of complaints of sinus issues and using a lot of great
nutritional products to help the body handle it. Don’t forget that when you
breathe dust and pollen in, the body’s immune system gets a hold of it and
takes it to the lymphatics which drain into the liver so through the bowel, it
can get it all out, so you need good liver support. We have many great products
for that to help the liver to work correctly and at a higher capacity, rather
than using medication to force things to work a certain way. At Natural Health,
we feel that working with the body and supporting its activities and functions
are much healthier than trying to suppress a symptom which can lead to worse
problems later. If you remember the bucket analogy, we want your bucket to be
drained out so that the body can handle the incoming dust and pollen without
allergy symptoms.

health shops this month are talking about chiropractic issues as October is National
Chiropractic Month. This week were talking about the brain-body connection, or
lack thereof, due to barriers that get into our system and keep the nervous
system and immune system from working correctly. That is what we discover with
our Nutrition Response Testing exams and then we can help the body rid itself
of these barriers so that normal function is restored. This normal function equates
to actual true health, not symptom suppression and just feeling good. Our
nation has one of the worst health outcomes in the world, plus we spend twice
as much as any other country on healthcare. And the word healthcare is actually
a misnomer as its really just disease management. At Natural Health, we strive
towards a different paradigm of getting the nervous system to work correctly so
the body can coordinate its healing efforts, and supplying the building blocks
it needs through whole food nutritional supplements and dietary education. True
health or disease management-which do you think works better?

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the need for good deep sleep.
Most of our patients find that we work hard to get this to happen because we
know that sleep is when the body heals. There are many people out there though
that don’t sleep well and I feel it’s due to a lack of certain B vitamins that
do not allow the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the autonomic
nervous system that helps with resting and relaxing and repair, to come up and
do its function at night. Many people are doing a lot of caffeine during the
day and refined carbs which robs the body of these B vitamins so again, sleep
is interrupted, and good deep sleep may not happen at all. And with many health
issues, people can seem to get by without sleep or other things for a while,
but then they start to crash or end up with degenerative type diseases in their
later years. The point is that deep sleep is very important for healing and we
help many patients with that here at Natural Health. 

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Dr. Mark