Headaches and Sinus Drainage

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

Hope that everyone had a great weekend and was able to stay warm.  Were definitely getting some spring weather this year-not just going to summer right away after winter.  The up’s and downs of the temperatures are causing some sinus issues and is hard on the immune system.  Don’t forget that we have great products here to help with keeping the immune system strong, even if the weather is bad outside.  We even have real vitamin C complex here, not just a cheap ascorbic acid product that is called Vitamin C that you find out there in the stores.  Ascorbic acid is fine to help acidify the system which can help too, but it’s not the whole food complex that you might think it is, for example, in oranges.  It’s just one part so as not nutritious as you might think.

Please don’t forget about our health shops that we have weekly live at 6:15 on Facebook and Instagram and then we post those to Brighteon.com and YouTube eventually.  This month were talking about spring allergies and this week, we’re talking about headaches and sinus drainage.  I think we’re doing a good job of making these health shops have good simple information that people can use, and keeping them fairly short so the viewer doesn’t have to spend a lot of time learning about health.  And were talking real health here, not just medication to cover up symptoms or handle the condition.  Our information looks at finding the underlying cause of the problem and actually fixing it so that the problem doesn’t keep reoccurring.  I hope that you can attend or watch the recorded video on those two sources.

The article that I’m sending along goes along with the theme of the health shop in that it’s about migraine headaches and their causes and treatments.  The only problem with the information in the article is that it looks at using certain vitamins for a certain symptom or condition.  We try to use a more thorough and holistic approach when we do our analysis of the person’s omplaints.  This way we’re finding the underlying cause of the problem and not just using medication to cover up the symptom.  Helping with pain is OK short term, but if you never find the underlying cause, the continued treatment can make the underlying condition worse.  Medications are never good for the body, they’re not nutritional or healing, they only work by overriding the autonomic nervous system to get some relief.  Our goal here at Natural Health, is to find the underlying cause and get that handled so our patients can work towards true natural health.  We think it’s a much better paradigm than just adding more drugs every so often. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well-Dr. Mark