Welcome back Natural Health Family. I imagine you had a great weekend and enjoyed time outside. Today I wanted to talk about health. Everyone sees things differently and there can always be 2 ways to see whatever it is. When it comes to health there can be two ways to see it. We can either see health as difficult to achieve or view it as our natural state. 

When you hear the word health what comes to mind? We may think of ourselves, our relatives, the professional athletes in peak condition, or others who are doing well. We may think of the healthcare system of the nation and how relatively the U.S. is not doing the greatest. We may think of the different approaches such as the western culture approach of drugs, medicines, surgery and so forth. Or we may think of the “alternative” approaches such as herbal medicines, nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. There may be thoughts of accidents such as traumas which may or may not need emergency care. Whatever the case, we all see it a little differently.

Health is an interesting topic. Many times people think of it as preventing an illness. If we view life in a way that illness is an inevitable outcome due to what we inherit or that it happens due to age then we think that there is nothing to do once an unfortunate illness happens. However, if we see health as a natural state, that when we are not healthy that the body is unbalanced in some way, then we are able to restore it back to health. New information, research, and science is showing that our bodies are much more powerful than we previously thought. When we can be open minded to new possibilities, understand the capacity of what the human body can do, we can realize new opportunities for ourselves and others. 

Although it appears that sickness and illness is common, it is not normal. It is natural for us to be healthy, strong, and vital. When we empower ourselves with new information, when we focus on what we can do, we will be able to see more health in our world. Then as we help ourselves we allow others to see what is possible.

Here’s to a great week. 

Dr. Chip