Health Freedom

Good morning, evening, night or whenever this finds you Natural Health Family. We are soon celebrating Independence Day, which means some fireworks, food, and fun. It also is a time to celebrate and honor those that went through some extreme times so that we are able to enjoy what we have now. When speaking about our own independence, we can view it in many ways. However, we are wired for community, connection, and helping one another. Of course the independence of this nation was achieved through a group effort. When it comes to our health, we can view it in similar ways. 

Have you ever looked back and wondered how you were able to get through the many challenging times of the past? At the time what seemed so chaotic now seems only like a distant memory. Our bodies are quite amazing at what they can do. It’s as if they were intelligently designed to regulate and heal so that we could live long, healthy, happy lives. Imagine for a moment what pumps the blood through your body, allows you to breathe, digests your food, and performs millions if not trillions of processes all without you being aware of it. We all want independence to experience this life in various ways. It allows for many unique perspectives and makes life that much more interesting. Nonetheless, many doctors, practitioners, and health experts would have to agree that we can do all we can to support the body but it is the body that does the healing. Much like getting a cut on your hand, the bandaid or topical only helps support it from not getting worse, it is the body that again creates the healing. 

Although many years ago the people that created this nation fought for independence, it seems now is a time that we must connect again and to support one another. We have lost our understanding of health from the many people in power that have swayed public opinion. It’s not too difficult to understand when you see the statistics of the health of this nation. The wisdom that our body holds can bring us back to the realization of the power that we hold within which will allow for greater freedom and knowing of our true health.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend. 

– Dr. Chip