Health is Normal

 Hello Natural Health Family. I hope you all had a great weekend. Today’s topic will focus on health being our natural state of being. We typically think it is normal to have health issues because it is common in today’s world. There may be multiple reasons for this but when we consider the idea that our bodies are amazing and are healing all the time then we can ask ourselves what is causing the health issues that are apparent in the world. 

When we eat right, drink right, think right and move our bodies, we are keeping our bodies in a good mode to heal and function properly. When we do the right things most of the time then we can adapt to the stress in our lives. The more we help ourselves the better we can help others. Especially in these times it is paramount to keep our bodies healthy. When we start taking care of ourselves then our outlook on life becomes better. 

What are some things that have made people so unhealthy in our world? Let’s consider the foods we eat, how we move our bodies and the thoughts we think. Our ancestors farmed and ate what they could raise. So there was no going to the store and picking out the thousands of food options. Nowadays, people have forgotten how valuable whole foods are (foods found in nature) compared to the processed foods that are on the shelves. Now I am not saying that all those foods are bad. However, we should always try to incorporate whole natural foods into our eating. We have also lost natural movements of our bodies. For many years people had to walk a lot more which helped to naturally move their bodies. Today, many people don’t move as much and have too many conveniences not to move. Walking is such an underrated exercise but is  very beneficial to our health and well being. Lastly our thinking. Now our thoughts are much more powerful than we may think. Today, we are constantly bombarded with news, social media, commercials, hollywood drama, and many others. This causes us to have short attention spans and may cause us to react to many things. This is a recipe for health issues. When we are not able to control our thinking, then we are more prone to having negative thoughts about ourselves and life in general. This causes a snowball effect leading to feeling inadequate about our own health. We then tend to think and feel as though we are victims to our life and that we can’t do anything about it. This type of thinking has been going on for too long and it is time for a change. 

The world is changing faster than we ever could imagine. Now is the best time to consider your own health and how you want to live. When we are healthy we feel great and when we feel great we are able to enjoy even the little things in life. Our whole outlook on life changes from what’s the next bad thing that will happen to enjoying what is to come. If it helps, do something different and break your routine. This causes a shift in thinking to allow for new experiences. Have a great rest of the week and remember to count your blessings!

Dr. Chip