Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you all had a very happy Thanksgiving and didn’t overeat too much-ha. It
ended up being a nice weekend but still a little cool. We were even able to sit
out on the deck in the afternoon and soak up some vitamin D activating
sunshine. I hope that you were able to catch up on all the news from your
friends and relatives without stressing out too much. I sort of look at
Thanksgiving as the precursor to Christmas and that season and ours was a
successful preliminary event. I have relatives that live to the north and they
may not be down much for Christmas so was very glad to talk to them and catch
up on all the news.

article I’m sending along this week looks at the trouble with mainstream
medicines top down approach to healthcare. This is showing up with certain MDs
losing their license if they don’t treat patients exactly the way the powers
that be are telling them to. If you look into the history of the AMA, you will
find the Rockefeller foundation behind it and big Pharma involved with
everything, especially the profits side of the issue. I am not against people
making a living but the problem is this has become more important to these
folks than the health of the patient. We are so far down the rabbit hole of all
this it is hard to see how we can get back out and get patients to see that
health is more important than just treatment. At Natural Health, we work
towards keeping people out of the mainstream system by getting them healthy and
letting their own natural innate intelligence help their body to heal itself
and keep itself healthy, which it has done for thousands and thousands of
years. Folks have been sold this bill of goods that they have to work extra
hard to afford their insurance and that the insurance only pays for those
things that are necessary and approved. This thinking is great for emergencies
and acute illnesses but doesn’t work very well at all for chronic illness and
actual good health. That’s why we are here at Natural Health-to keep our
patients healthy and well. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark