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 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend and was nice to have the cooler temperatures, but not too
cool. We are back to needing rain again as the gravel roads sure are dusty.
Combine this dust with the pollen that the farmers are starting to kick up with
harvest, and we will have a lot of patients asking about allergies and good
supplements to help with those symptoms. We sure have them here at Natural
Health. After the last couple rains, things had greened up again but now were
back to everything looking brownish, especially as the crops in the fields
start turning. It looks like were headed towards Fall for sure.

forget that were having our Health Shops again on Monday nights at 6:15 and
this month were talking about the main health problems in America. This week
were talking about Diabetes and how you can get the body to overcome that with
diet and nutrition. It’s actually fairly simple as long as the patient is
willing to comply, and understand, the diet changes and why they’re so
important. As always, we will have lots of good information for everyone but
especially looking at this number two cause of mortality in the US. It’s
unfortunate that people think that they can overcome this diagnosis with
medication and not change anything in their diet. This just makes the problem
last longer but the body still is degenerating from not getting the correct
nutrition it needs to heal itself. With our Nutrition Response Testing
technique, we can figure out what barriers the body has to healing and then
help support the healing process by helping the patient understand the need for
dietary changes and supplementing with whole food nutrition that the body is
meant to have to heal itself. We’ve done it many times over the past 42 years.

article that I’m sending along looks at the use of a vitamin to help with
hearing loss. I found it especially interesting that the problem was a lack of
cholesterol and that they were supplementing with a vitamin that acts like it.
Why do you think people would be having a lack of cholesterol-too much
medication? The problem with articles like this is that everyone who has a hearing
issue will think that this vitamin will be a miracle cure and will rush out and
buy it. It may actually help but they missed the whole point of a holistic
approach to the body and getting the whole body well, not just focusing on one
problem with one vitamin. At Natural Health, we work with a holistic approach
to healing the body and getting the whole body healthy and working correctly
rather than just treat one symptom with one vitamin. In the discussion of what
people are eating to cause deficiency, what medications there on that can cause
nutritional deficiencies, and what supplements actually work well for the whole
body, needs to be talked about to see the big picture. Getting the whole body
healthy helps to handle all the little symptoms and problems that people run
into every day because of the stresses of life. It’s hard to avoid them all the
time so everybody is affected. We are here to help at Natural Health, getting
our patients healthy so that they can enjoy life and have lots of energy. 

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark