Healthy Choosing

 Welcome back Natural Health Family! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy some sunshine. As we enter into the fall and winter seasons it’s important to consider our own health. These times are known for an incline in different health related issues such as colds, flus, etc. Instead of looking at the sickness and what may happen in the months to come, let’s keep our focus on what we can do to allow health to be expressed in our lives. 

It is nearing time for the holidays as we have just passed Halloween weekend. Holiday season means spending time with family and friends. It also means that we will eat different foods and drink different drinks. What we eat and drink can be detrimental or beneficial to our own health. I think in general many people know that good foods to eat would be more of your whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, etc. Other foods (when consumed in excess) may cause us health issues such as sodas, cakes, cookies, and other sweets. Food is important for our health and getting healthy nutrients into our bodies can help our immune function. So of course it is reasonable to eat mostly the good and to every now and then have some of the sweeter foods to maintain our overall health. 

What about the physical aspect of health during the colder months of the year? It is important to move our bodies when we can to promote good healthy functioning of our bodies. Many people have various ways of getting physical activity during the cooler months so doing something that you either like to do or find is an activity that is a good challenge can be rewarding. When possible, consider taking a walk when you can. This can be a 10 minute walk if it’s a bit cold outside. However, I would like to mention that the cold is not what brings on sickness. There are actually studies to show that certain amounts of cold exposure actually help our immune system functioning. What brings sickness is our bodies inability to adapt to a certain exposure to colder weather. Of course we want to bundle up when it gets colder out there but not to be overly obsessed to always stay warm all the time. 

Now an important aspect to consider is our communication with others. Research tells us that our bonding with others whether it’s by physical means such as a hug or handshake, or through talking creates certain chemicals which strengthens our immune system. However, it can be different based on our interaction with others as well. When you go see family and friends during the holiday season, what do you think about? Are you one that starts to get bitter about the different people you have to meet or things you have to do. Or do you try to enjoy others’ company and seeing or finding the good in certain people and relations. When we look for the good we will see more of it. The opposite is also true. So just like in the world today, when we keep looking for all the wrong in the world we will be hidden to all the good. (it is how our brains are wired)

Halloween shows us the many different costumes or masks that kids and others can act out which makes them feel a certain way. This may be similar or like a metaphor to help us realize that we can show up differently in our lives if we choose to. From sickness to health we can choose to be healthier by doing things that promote health and well being. Our bodies are amazing and when we acknowledge and are grateful of what it can do we can come to realize how powerful we really can be. Have a great week and thanks for reading!