Healthy Life

 Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is doing well. Over the weekend I got to spend much of my time with family that I haven’t been able to see in a good while. We got to share some funny stories and talk about experiences of what the world was like back then. It appears the world is changing faster than it used to. So in these times we must be able to adapt to the stress of life. Let’s talk about some key factors for a healthy body and mind. 

Never before have we had so many options on what to eat. Walking into a grocery store you can see the many different foods and it can seem overwhelming to anyone. However, when we think back to our ancestors and see how much better their health was compared to people now we can see that there is a disconnect on the average understanding of what to eat. Many foods in any market are processed and lack the vitamins and minerals that were once there. That is why eating good whole foods when we can helps our bodies to have the nutrients needed for good health and vitality. 

We also must consider the amount and way our ancestors moved before. Back then we got sufficient amounts of movement and exercise just by what we did such as working to harvest food or searching for it. They also worked outside in fresh air and had good amounts of sunlight. They didn’t necessarily go somewhere to work particular muscles but they moved their whole body. When we move the joints in our body we are allowing proper transportation of nutrients which aids in proper health. A great whole body movement that is underrated is simply walking. When we find time to walk during the day we are moving our bodies which allows our bodies to function well. 

Today we are overloaded with information. This could be from searching for solutions on the internet, what we hear on the radio, the different news channels, social media, etc. When this happens we may have a difficult time to focus and direct our thinking. When we think right we are allowing our minds to be more constructive which allows it to work well for our bodies. If we are not able to direct our thinking then it can weigh us down and affect our bodies. That is why being aware of what we watch or listen to can help us in our health. 

When it comes to living a good life we must consider our own health. When we are able to help ourselves then we are putting ourselves in good positions to live our lives more fully. Being healthy helps us to enjoy our work, home, and social life to a greater degree.

Thanks for reading and have a great week. 

Dr. Chip