Healthy Odds

 Hello Natural Health Family. I hope everyone was able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or at least enjoy some of the weekend. St. Patrick’s day is associated with having luck. Luck can be at times a fun way to generalize what happened during an event or experience. When it comes to our health, luck isn’t something we want to rely on totally. Let’s discuss some of what can help us to be healthy. 

When it comes to our body, how do we feed it and what do we do to keep it moving? Food can be seen as our fuel. When you drive your car you want to put the right gas in it or else it is not going to get you very far. With our body, we want to put in good food that nourishes, builds and helps cleanse our body. This is not to say to be perfect but to be thankful for our food and what it can do for our bodies. We also want to move our body when we can during the day. Whether it is some fun activity, a workout, stretching or simply a walk, small steps can lead to great changes.  

What about our mindset or even our attitude? Many times people can be busy and on the go. People may get into patterns where we don’t think there are other options. This is ok but we can realize that life unfolds in many ways. Sometimes when we can just take a step back and really take it all in is when we are able to see things differently. If we are close minded to anything that we are not familiar with we can get stuck in ways that can be detrimental to our own health. Life may be giving us opportunities to change something or grow in new ways and it can be as simple as shifting our perspective and our attitude to those opportunities that can make all the difference. 

Our health is our number one attribute, without it we either be here or live it fully. That is why it is important not to put it up to luck. However, we can increase our luck when we give ourselves better odds for our health and wellbeing knowing how we can help ourselves. We can help ourselves by making informed decisions, learning more about health, and when needed getting help from others.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip