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 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

it’s starting to warm up. It looks like our temperatures are starting to creep
up but I’m sure we’ll still have some winter left. The snow is really pretty
but it sure moved around a lot this weekend. In all my years I haven’t seen
snow drift from three different directions in one weekend, or at least I don’t
remember it. Probably a suppressed memory-ha. We’ve even seen some snowmobiles
running around our area and that’s uncommon, but this year they’re having lots
of fun. Again, with all my years, I’ve seen good winters and bad winters, lots
of snow or no snow, very cold weather or 70 degrees. The weather is different
every year, as it always has been. This can be a stress on the body though, and
we have lots of good supplements to help strengthen your response to the
environment. And immune system support as well. Just feed the body what it
needs and health is yours!

still in February so talking about heart health this month. The health shop
this week will be on heart issues and repair, with some good information as
heart disease is the primary cause of mortality in this country. And dare I
say, especially with the clot shot, it may be more important than ever. We’re
starting to see some of the effects in the office here.

article that I’m sending along looks at the use of vitamin D but without
magnesium, it doesn’t work nearly as well. This goes for many other vitamins
that are advertised for this or that, it looks great on paper but in real life,
you must have all the other minerals and vitamins around for everything to work
in harmony and this harmony creates health. Taking a synthetic vitamin D and
hoping that it cures everything is folly. This is why our Nutrition Response
Testing technique shines so brightly and using whole food supplements from
Standard Process is the only way to take supplements, in my estimation. I
talked to several patients about this and they are doing the best they can to
understand information on the Internet but it must be all put into context and
looked as a whole and not just picking up pieces here and there. Our bodies
were meant to grow and repair on real and actual food, not synthetic things
made in the lab and made to look pretty to sell. This is one of the gripes I
have with multilevel marketing companies, the advertising and marketing looks
great but the results are poor and actually keep people from looking at what
actually works. If you have any health problems are know others who do, or just
one to be at optimum health, we are here to help at Natural Health. 

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Dr. Mark