Heart Health Month


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed the weekend despite the cold. The forecast is looking better
for the following week so maybe were getting away from the frigid temperatures
and heading toward spring. It was cloudy all day here so I’m hoping any local
groundhogs did not see their shadow and we’re headed for an early spring-ha.
Don’t forget to keep your house humidifier’s working as the furnace running
more causes the air to dry. And also keep using sea salt or Cal-Amo, that we
have here at the office, to add the electrolytes to the hydration you’re
getting. Also, hopefully, we will be able to get outside more soon and get the
sun to help us produce more active vitamin D. If you’re noticing dry skin, try
getting more of the good oils in your diet like coconut oil and butter, lard or

                It’s a
new month so were changing our health shop topics to heart health this month.
The health shop this week will concentrate on causes of heart problems and
should be interesting due to the changes lately. The article that I’m sending
along looks at how the herb “Holy Basil” can help with so many things and for
us here at Natural Health, is just another indication of how natural
supplements and herbs can help the body heal itself and help the body towards a
strong immune system. Drugs may be necessary to help certain symptoms but are
not health promoting, in other words, may be necessary for short-term emergency
treatment but does not promote health in the long term. At Natural Health, we
are always working towards educating the patient in the ways of helping the
body to be healthy by natural means and not trying to force the body to do a
certain thing, like keeping a blood pressure number lower. We are always
looking towards the underlying reason for the problem and not trying to chase

                I hope
that you have had a chance to look at independent media sources and keep up on
the news coming out about this covid business. Again, a great source that I
like to use for my own education is www.thehighwire.com. There are other
sources to be sure but this one is easy to understand and all of the
information is backed up. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark