Heart Healthy

Happy February Natural Health Family!

Did you watch the big game? If you did, I hope you enjoyed it or at least enjoyed time with others. If not, it’s really no big deal, it’s just a game. Although a great game, we know that it will end and a new game will begin. This month is about heart health. The heart can show us a lot about the health of a person. Let’s talk about the importance of the heart and what it does for us.

Did you know that the heart pumps around 2,000 gallons of blood per day to the many parts and systems of the body? The heart beats around 100,000 times per day allowing the blood that moves through it to replenish and provide oxygen to all the cells of the body. That blood travels through approximately 60,000 miles of blood vessels. It is fascinating to think what all the heart goes through in a single day. More studies and research also show that the heart has electrical properties as well just like the brain. We are more familiar with these properties from scans such as EEGs and EKGs. These scans show us that our bodies are not just physical but have electrical characteristics that we can be aware of. Think about the last time when you had a hunch or you felt the need to do something in a new way. Research is showing that this information we “pick up” may be coming more from the heart than our brain. Makes you think about what it means to listen to your heart.

Many cultures and groups connect love and the heart. You can see it with the holidays we celebrate and even the phrases we speak. Love as the emotion can allow our bodies to function with more ease bringing about great health for our bodies. So I encourage you to enjoy something this week that you love. Thanks for reading.

-Dr Chip