Heartburn and Hiatal Hernia

Heartburn and Hiatal Hernia
            At Natural Health, we are always
concerned with preventative and causative actions. The current medical
treatment for heartburn is the use of proton pump inhibitors, and/or antacids,
that reduce the stomach acid and helps with the symptom. The problem with this
is that it does nothing for the cause and makes it hard for the individual to
absorb any nutrients from the food they eat. It also causes pH problems
downstream in the gut, leading toward Leaky Gut, and can affect the whole body
and how it functions. If the pH is not correct in the stomach, this can lead to
the pylori bacteria getting a foothold which leads to ulcers. Our society is
also geared to a fast pace which does not allow the digestive system to work
correctly as the nervous system is always overstimulated. We must look at the
causes to relieve the condition permanently.
            As we age, getting past age 35 to
40, we start to reduce the production of stomach acid by the cells in the upper
part of the stomach. This results in a lower amount of stomach acid being
produced and the food that we eat is not digested properly. Bacteria in the
food start a rotting process and the acid produced causes irritation to the
stomach lining, the heartburn. This lack of digestive ability also causes the
bloating that we can see and feel in our clothing but actually causes no pain.
Long-term bloating pushes up on the diaphragm and distends the cardiac
sphincter, which is the muscle set that holds your food in the stomach, and
this causes the hiatal hernia. Getting the stomach acid production corrected will
stop the bloating condition and allow the body to heal the hernia, if possible.
            In our testing procedures, we look
at the need for digestive enzymes and supplementation to support production of
the correct stomach acid so the digestive system works well. We also try to get
our patients to chew their food, be in a position of reduced stress during
eating, and taking a digestive support supplement before the meal to help the
body coordinate the digestive system. So in other words, the problem is not too
much acid in the stomach, but actually not enough. The further use of
medications to stop acid production just makes the problem worse and the
patient ages faster as they cannot repair their body due to lack of nutrition.
We find the cause and help our patients remove it.