Heating Up

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. It seems like things are heating up a bit. Throughout the day we have many things going on. Many of us have different thresholds of what we can tolerate or adapt to. Such as when it gets really hot outside we may be a little more apt to become intolerant of the events happening around us. Or when people are really hungry we may get somewhat irritated a little easier. However, we have the power to control that behavior if we work at it much like growing our muscles for strength. Many times it is how we see things that can make all the difference. 

Have you ever wanted to do something like a workout but didn’t feel like it when the time came? Or wanted to work on something but got distracted and didn’t start. Our environment can play a big impact on how we go about doing certain activities and how we behave. Say we are trying to work on our computers and have papers scattered on the table, coffee spills here and there, and crumbs left over from lunch. Instead of diving into the work we should do, our brain will want us to clean up everything. So we will be split from trying to do two things at one time. So obviously having a clean environment can help with work performance. Or consider you are going on a jog through a forest. You would probably have a nice easy pace. But then say that you heard a noise in the distance and saw what you thought was a large figure that looked like it was coming at you. Your body would automatically start to produce chemicals such as adrenaline initiating a process inside the body to help you move faster. This is an extreme case but shows how things in our environment can affect the way we function in the world.

Our environment can affect us but we also have the ability to control how we react or rather respond to the environment. Just like when it is hot or when we are hungry we can get irritated because our body is getting uncomfortable. It does this because it is a stress the body is having a hard time to adapt to. Say you went to a place where it was 100 degrees everyday. You would not be used to it and it would be outside the comfort zone. However, the locals there would probably not give it much attention because they have acclimated to it. So it is not so much the actual heat, rather it is how we view it and our willingness to adapt to it. What can be stressful for one person can be pleasant for others. So whatever is going on it can be our own attitude about it that can make a big difference. 

Our environment will always change. Change is what gives life flavor. Life will also get uncomfortable at times. When we are able to change our view of the environment and appreciate what is, we allow ourselves to enjoy what can be. Like a game, life has its wins and losses. Nonetheless, it flows better when we continue to play. 

Dr. Chip