Helpful Heart

 It’s that time of the week again Natural Health Family. As we head into the December month we will encounter events and circumstances that we know are coming and of course ones that we don’t know are coming. Planning ahead is beneficial so we can be ready for what is to come. Nonetheless, there are always things that will come up that are not in our control. Let’s talk about people’s reaction or response to events and why it may happen. 

Our minds are powerful. They can be a great tool to help us or they can be overwhelming and harm us if not addressed. Our brain and body are interlinked in a way that what happens to one affects the other. Just like when we are up on a roof looking over the gutter, our brain with the help of the eyes is able to see that there is a difference in depth from the roof and the ground which tells the body to shift its weight back so it doesn’t fall off. Our minds then can interpret what is going on based on the communication from brain to body and body to brain. Humans have the ability to think and imagine back to a moment that danger was present. This can be beneficial so that we know if we go back to the same area that we can be ready for what is there. However, if we are stuck in this thinking loop imagining worst case scenarios then the mind is taxing on the body. So you can see that the mind (influenced by the brain and body) can be very beneficial to help us. However, it should not be the commander but rather the soldier ready for duty. 

What can help us to have a more balanced brain and body so that we are more in control of our minds? More research is being published to say that our hearts can have an influential impact on how our brain and body functions. Think back to a time when you may have been panicked about something. Did you feel uptight, like you were “in over your head.” This may be because our mind, at the level of the head, is being overloaded. Now think of a time when you felt peaceful or compassion towards an event or person in your life. It may be for a loved one or even a stranger that you had a pleasant conversation with. Did you feel more centered and had more of your attention and focus in that moment? This is because your heart was communicating to your brain that the environment is safe. The mind might have thought about future things that needed to be done such as business work, finances, house chores, etc. The heart is more based on what is happening now in the very moment. 

When we have more attention on the moment at hand then we are able to respond better to what is happening in front of us. However, when our attention keeps going backward and forward based on things that have happened before or events we assume might happen later we will react to what is happening around us. Our mind wants to make sure that everything is safe and we know what is going on. Our heart is more about connection allows us to feel calm knowing that unexpected events can happen. 

The world we live in is constantly changing. Life will bring expected and some unexpected events that we don’t have control over. When the unexpected comes we must be able to relax, breath, and regulate ourselves because that is what we can control. Life has its ups and downs which gives us the great experience of life. As we are able to stay more balanced and centered we can ride those waves more smoothly. This allows us to not be so fearful of the journey ahead but rather enjoy the ride.

Dr. Chip