Holiday Meanings

back Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone got to enjoy the nice weather as
there may not be many more days this year, but you never know it is the
Midwest! We all know that the weather change can be more dynamic during this
time of the year. We know also that holidays are coming and the many things
that come with it. Sometimes this can bring up many things for a lot of 
people such as memories, feelings, and all of
what we must do to prepare for what is coming. Life can be what we make it and
although sometimes it might not seem to go the way we want we also have the
choice to make the most of it.

holidays can mean different things for many people. Depending on life
circumstances it can have different associations that come with these times.
Society has led us to believe we need so many things which makes us want to get
all the good deals to get all the different gifts or items. This is not good or
bad, but we can also focus on the connection with others and enjoying the
company of our friends and loved ones. We have seen that although it is called
thanksgiving, people have gotten so worked up about it, forgetting to
appreciate what they have now. It can be a time of great fun and enjoying gifts,
the gifts that we give and receive. Nonetheless, let’s not forget the great
gift of life.

are all on this earth for a period and nobody knows how much that will be. If
we look at the life and nature around us, we can learn many lessons. That life
has its seasons of growth and change. Even though winter can have its
challenges, it can bring many blessings. Let’s remember that sometimes when we
experience the bad it can help us realize much of the good. 

Have a great week.

Dr. Chip