Holiday Stress

 Good Day Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend with food and family. As we continue in the holiday season we will encounter the situations it brings. From eating different foods, to shopping, to interactions with family, to what’s going on in the world and so on we will have stress that will keep going on and on. So what can we do to help ourselves adapt to the stress in life? Let’s talk about some things that we can do so that we can stay healthy even in the extremes of times. 

During the holiday season we go through various situations and conditions that can alter the way we think and feel. Life can be funny and interesting at times. It can also be scary and overwhelming at times. When we become more aware of the ups and downs of life we can start to not get so entangled in whatever turmoil knowing that it soon shall pass. Understanding that we have had many challenges and obstacles in the past that we have overcome also helps us build the courage to carry on. Sometimes we can focus too much on the problem that we can’t see the solution that is right in front of us. Life may have ups and downs but it tends to balance more when you can see it through a different lens. 

Have you ever had stress in your life? Of course. When you were going through these times did you feel different or interact with others in ways that you may have wanted to change after the matter? Many times we can be quick to criticize or judge another based on personality, what they say, or how they made you feel at the time. However, we can also see that we may have been there before when we were going through a similar experience. Of course it is ok to express the way we feel or how we see something but not to condemn others for their viewpoint. When we are able to maintain our own balance we are able to help ourselves adapt to the stress around us. Just like any activity that requires us to progress up or forward, resistance or stress is needed to allow us to know that we are moving in that direction. Stress is not good or bad but may be seen as stepping stones to climb upward to our destination. 

Life is quite miraculous when you think about it. Although it can seem like a terrific storm that stirs the waters shifting the boat we stand on back and forth, it also can be the sunset when we sit on the beach after our boat has arrived at the destination. It’s the little things that we forget that can make all the difference, so stepping back and taking a breath can help us to ride the storm knowing the sunshine is coming.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip