Happy Fifth of July Natural Health Family! (Imagine you had a great 4th of July as well) This is a time of remembering to embrace independence and freedom. A time to remember what others have gone through so we can be here today. Although there may be many conflicts about our history as a nation and where we are now, we can still look back at what people had to go through. Let’s talk about relativity and how we can have hope in times of what appears to be extremes. 

When you were a kid and wanted to do something different were you scared at first? Perhaps it was riding a bike for the first time, meeting new friends, trying out for sports or other activities, etc. Learning to ride a bike (along with other activities) at some point you had a fear of what could happen if it didn’t work out, what others would think, or possibly getting injured. Then, as you practiced, you started to get better. It’s a great feeling because you feel the work is starting to pay off. Then you want to take the “training wheels off” so to speak. You realize that there is more work to be done. The fear also is attempting to creep back in because you feel now that you could get hurt from falling. You go from the safety of the training wheels to the ability to balance with them. You understand there is a limbo stage and as you gain more speed it is easier to stay up and keep your balance. The feeling is great and now you can do what you imagined you could do. 

As an adult can you look back and see all that you thought was big or intense at the time realizing where you are now and you survived. Even when it seemed like it was impossible or out of your control that something happened to help you along the way. There are moments in our life that when we look back we think “how in the world did I make it through that?”. Imagine what people back then had to go through be it depressions, war, and those times of survival. This is not to say that what we go through individually in our daily lives isn’t difficult but it brings to our attention that we can acquire the courage needed to move through our own obstacles.   

Like a kid trying to ride a bike or an adult doing the best they can to go forward in life, we can lessen our worry and become hopeful for something to come when we need it. That through the wars of the past and the battles we face today, we can still choose to strive forward knowing what we have all been through. So if you are walking through the forest of worry, direct your gaze on the light of hope guiding you to the other side.

Thanks for reading.  

Dr. Chip