How Far We’ve Come

Hi everyone in the Natural Health Family. Imagine the weekend brought some fun and/or accomplishments with it. In today’s world it seems like there is so much information out there about what to do for health. We are flooded with social media and other advertisements about what is the go to solution for the problem. Although the internet has greatly helped us with gaining a lot of information in a quick way we can also find that it can direct us off course at times. However, there may be more to the story. Let’s talk about some different topics and how some advice might not necessarily be true. 

First, have you ever wondered how we got here with our food? As a country or even as a species we have drastically changed the way we grow and gather our food. From hunting and gathering to farming and other agricultural practices we have moved to a means that suited the lifestyle we had. This, however, went from farmers who planted for the town or city to a vast industry where large amounts of acres of the same crop are grown and shipped to places far away. Again, this wasn’t a good or bad change but what we as a society were led to think was the best option. However, with big production and other practices came chemicals and other man made things that had to tip the balance of mother nature. We disconnected with the land, were bought into corporations in which we had to follow guidelines, and do things by the books rather than how our ancestors did it back in the day. Again, this was a time for large economic growth so this might have seemed like the best means. We went from allowing nature on its own time to life in the fast food lane. Nonetheless, it appears that we are naturally coming back to shopping local, supporting farmer’s markets, and connecting with others in more ways. 

Sometimes it may seem like chaos is overwhelming just like where we were at for a couple recent years. The chaos is typically a point where we go towards more order. When it seems like the world is chaotic and out of control we can take a step back to see that it may be leading to something greater.

Have a great week!  

Dr. Chip