How long does the flu last?

How long does the flu
            Although the average may be listed
around 5 days, this would depend entirely on the person’s immune system and
what kind of stresses their under. It may also depend on the strain of flu the
person has been exposed to as well. This is a good example of why it is
important to keep your immune system in good shape through good diet and
exercise and a lifestyle that is as low as possible in stress. If your immune
system is in good shape, flu symptoms from exposure can last a couple hours but
if your immune system is in not so good a shape or your exposure through
injection, which bypasses major parts of the immune system, symptoms can last
for days, or weeks or longer. In a natural health world, we are more concerned
with keeping the immune system in good shape rather than worrying about the
bugs as the bugs are always out there and unless you want to live in a bubble,
you will be exposed. A good diet and healthy lifestyle go a long way to helping
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