How Much Rain?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     I hope that you had a great weekend and didn’t get too wet. My wife Karen poured 6 inches of rain out of our ring gauge yesterday so we had our fair share. Thankfully it was all liquid and not the white stuff that will come in some months down the road. It made for a nice and relaxing day as it was stormy all day and we just enjoyed being inside watching a movie or two and relaxing for a change. As usual, the weather is starting to deteriorate around Halloween time but hopefully we’ll have a long Indian summer in November. Don’t forget about getting your immune system in good shape for the upcoming months as the winter is fast approaching, but hopefully we have some time left in Fall.


  Don’t forget about our health shops on Monday night at 6. In years past we had actual people coming to these meetings in person but due to the covid plandemic, we have only been doing  Instagram and Facebook live postings. Due to popular demand, we are opening the office back up for those who want to come in person and can ask questions after we do our live feeds. It will be kind of a fun mix of the meeting that we had previously and the live taping we have now and should make it even more fun to learn. Anyone is welcome and we’re usually done by 7 ish.  This week’s Health shop is on health secrets so even if you miss it Monday night it will be on, Rumble, and You Tube.

      The article I’m sending along this week looks at the problem other countries are having with using Ivermectin, finding great results but being suppressed by even their medical tyrannical systems. I’m beginning to wonder if the licensing procedures are not for quality of care but for control of treatment. My main point in putting this out is if you’re healthy, you don’t need their treatments anyway. There’s been such a bad course of treatment involved with mainstream medicine during this covid Bonanza that I can see why people want to stay away from that system. There are many good doctors out there who want to do the right thing but are being held back by administrators or threats to their licenses. At Natural Health, we are able to basically circumvent that system by keeping our patients healthy and not needing to have treatment. It has become so much more important than ever before the covid plandemic and I hope everyone out there is taking time to consider where they’re at and where their friends and relatives are at healthwise. Don’t forget that we have free consultations available for those that don’t really know what we do here and we discuss what that patient may need from us.

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Dr. Mark