How To Stay Healthy

 Hi Natural Health Family! This post will be short and brief. I am going to talk about some key points about how we can help ourselves stay healthy. The topics will be movement, food and the mind. 

Movement is essential for us to be and stay healthy. When we move we are able to activate our muscles to promote blood flow and help our bodies be able to excrete waste. Blood flow is important because it is the food for our body’s cells. If blood is not getting to all parts of the body then those areas become deficient and may lead to an illness. Excreting waste is also very important so that our bodies can function properly without holding on to unwanted material. Movement is life and when we don’t move on the outside such as physical activities then our bodies have a hard time moving on the inside such as the flow of waste out of the body. Walking is a great and natural form of movement that everybody should do to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

What we eat is also important for our life. However, i am going to take it another way. I believe many of us know good whole foods are important and when we eat foods in their natural form then our bodies can utilize the nutrition very well. However, when is the last time you were very grateful for the food you ate? Many people have busy lives and eat food in a quick manner to get to the next thing they have to do. However, when we take time and give thanks for whatever meal we are about to eat our bodies are in a better mode to be able to digest the food. Feeling grateful or thankful for the food you are going to eat can go a long way for our health. Remember that many people in the world are not so fortunate and would love any food that they would receive. 

The mind is a powerful organ. When we let our mind control everything we do our energy gets scattered. When we don’t take time to calm our minds and see all the thoughts that we may be having then we get caught in a thought and emotional rollercoaster. It is important to take time throughout the day to become still and center your focus. This will not only help us get more energy but also bring about better mental clarity. 

I wanted this to be good advice but really a reminder of some small things that we can do and when done overtime consistently can help us feel great. Have a great rest of the week!