Hydration and Electrolytes

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                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend, and hopefully, we’re passed a lot of the heat. I
get a kick out of listening to the climate disaster folks, talking about this being
the hottest time ever. I’m old enough to remember days that were 105° or 107°,
and we bailed hay in it. The main thing is to remember to stay hydrated, which
includes drinking good quality water, and getting good electrolytes, again,
just a fancy word for sea salt or mineral salt. The body needs both parts to
stay hydrated and just drinking water alone flushes the salt out of the body
and you can have other problems. A lot of people will have leg cramps and
muscle spasms because of the lack of good quality salt. Unfortunately,
mainstream medicine has advised people to stay away from salt because they
don’t recognize, or distinguish between, the difference between mineral or sea
salt and white refined junk table salt. Hydration is such a simple thing and is
often overlooked, especially the electrolyte part. Yes, there are all kind of
drinks and potions and packages on electrolytes out there, but just using good
quality sea salt or mineral salt will fill the bill.

                In this
week’s health shop, that were having every Monday night at 6:15 live on
Facebook and Instagram, were still talking about Summer Fun issues. We talked
before about the hydration issue mentioned above, but this week’s talk will be
more about the foods that we choose during the summer. I know that I always
thought I had to have a corn dog at least once a year at the fairs until I
found out how bad the oils are that these things are fried in. It should be an
interesting conversation and I hope that you can make it and tell your friends
about it. If you can’t see it live, we will move it to YouTube and Brighteon.com
so that you will be able to see it at your convenience. We are also offering to
patient groups, a special time for the Patient Education Workshop that goes
into a further explanation of what we do here at Natural Health, and is a great
time to ask questions about almost anything. Let us know if we can help educate
your group and give them some hope towards attaining actual health.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the importance of getting
polyphenols in your diet. As you read through the information, you’ll find that
if you’re eating good foods, like vegetables, you will have no problem getting
these natural chemicals that are healthy for the body. The point here is that
if you’re eating good foods, you will get good nutrients, but in eating
processed junk foods, you will not, and your health will suffer over time.
Another big part of this conversation is your body’s ability to digest and
absorb these foods. Just because you put something in your mouth, does not mean
that goes to where it’s supposed to go, or is needed. We do a lot of work here
at Natural Health trying to get people’s digestive systems back online and
working correctly. Because of the poor diets, lots of chemicals out there,
large amounts of stress, and even use of antibiotics, many people’s digestive
systems are wrecked. And if you add a proton pump inhibitor, like the purple
pill, you’re really not absorbing much of the good nutrients in the food you
eat. So, at Natural Health, we strive towards getting the body to work
correctly, ridding the person of the underlying cause of their issues, and
allowing the body to use its innate intelligence to heal itself, as it has been
doing for thousands of years. 

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