Hydration and Sea Salt

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     I hope that you all had a great weekend and enjoyed probably the last hot one. Don’t forget to add those electrolytes to the water, like using a good quality sea salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice to water or on Foods. Realize that these electrolytes are just as important as the water for hydration and that if you do have a medical health problem they will put you on a saline solution to rehydrate you, which is salt and water.   We are going through a lot of our salt pill product called Cal Amo. I’m trying to take between 3 and 6 everyday, especially being outside working in the heat. The true Main effects of hydration that we see are leg cramps and muscle spasms and just being very tired and Fatigued. It’s also very important to stay hydrated as that keeps the immune system working well too, especially important with all the virus junk out there.

      One of the big problems I’m seeing in the population is the lack of good credible information which gives you the ability to make good health care decisions. Mainstream media is definitely a propaganda arm for politicians and whoever else is pushing agendas. There are becoming many good sources of independent factual information and we keep a list of those here at the office for those who are interested. There is becoming a lot of buyer’s remorse with this Jab and we’re seeing some of the effects here at the office. Thankfully we are able to help the body negate some of these effects but our main purpose is just to keep people healthy so that they don’t need invasive medical experimental procedures. Please tell your friends and families that we are here to help keep them healthy in whatever condition they are now. With all this craziness, actual true Health has become a great commodity and we’re here to help anyone we can to survive all this stuff.

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