Idiopathic Mortality

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glorious weekend that I hope you were able to enjoy. Friday was a little wet
but it sure helped to green the grass up and it’s nice to see that most of the
tree leaves are green yet, so we still have some Fall to come before the white
stuff. Because of the change of weather in the lower temperatures, such a
change from the hot weather, we are starting to notice some patients with
coughs and colds. Of course, we have great nutritional products to help the
immune system to strengthen and get us ready for the really cold weather to
come. Also keeping the nervous system working correctly by getting regular
chiropractic adjustments, really help to keep the body working correctly and
able to use the nutrition that we take with our supplements and good diets.

health shop we had this week was really good I thought. It looked at the
idiopathic reasons for mortality in this country. It is the third leading cause
of mortality and the article that I quoted in the health shop, gave a lot of
good information from other sources, that show that the healthcare in this
country is not very good as compared to others. As I stressed in the health
shop, don’t get me wrong,  the medical
care we receive in this country for trauma and accidents and the like are excellent.
It’s just that the degenerative diseases that we have are not being handled by
using the same emergency care tactics of prescribing a medication for a certain
symptom. I think if there’s one good thing being shown by this covid business,
it’s that mainstream medicine does not know how to handle being healthy. If you
get a chance, take a look at the health shop much to be posted on YouTube and

article I’m sending along this week looks at the benefits of coffee. I would
agree that there are some benefits but there also some detriments. Caffeine
works to stimulate the body because it is a mild poison and the body wants it
out right away. This gets the metabolism fired up and that’s okay, but your
robbing Peter to pay Paul, in nutritional parlance, to rid the body of this
mild tocsin. If you’re getting good nutrition and your diet is good when
drinking coffee, you’ll be okay. But if you’re eating cinnamon rolls and bagels
with your coffee, you’ll have a weakened immune system and probably work
towards prediabetes, etc. It’s just important to factor in this information
when making dietary and healthcare decisions.

                I hope
you all get a chance to enjoy this Fall weather. It’s a very busy time as were
trying to get things ready for the winter, and there are plenty activities to
enjoy with this nice weather. The harvest in this area is a very busy time too,
so be wary of the farm equipment on the roads. Some of it’s pretty big and they
may have a hard time seeing small vehicles. Enjoy the day! 

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