Imbalance To Informed

Hi Natural Health Family! Imagine all are doing well. We were in the Dogwood parade this past weekend and had a lot of fun. It was Star Wars-themed “May The Fourth Be With You.” Seeing so many people enjoying a great day in town and the community getting together was great. For a long while it has seemed like there is much tension and disconnect with people all around. This could be with communities, families, countries, etc. This week we discuss hormone imbalances and how it can affect our health. Let’s talk more about the amazing ability of our body and what it can do to restore balance so that we can be healthy. 

Have you ever wondered how the pharmaceutical company was started in the first place? It is something to think about but that could be a much longer conversation. However, the notion of medications being used for health comes from the idea that our bodies are deficient in chemicals that we need to manufacture and consume. This may be good for extreme cases and certain issues that need more intensive care. However, it fails to understand how the body functions. That is also why taking medications comes with various “side effects.” It is because we are trying to outdo the intelligence of the body. When we understand that our body has a “pharmaceutical company” within we can start to see that the chemicals needed are due to an imbalance of the chemicals produced in the body. The human body, when balanced, creates the chemicals (we can call them hormones, enzymes, peptides, (enter fancy medical names here), etc) needed for the proper functioning of all the systems of our body. We have many glands and organs that are needed to make these chemicals. Heretofore, we can view the nervous system as being the pharmacist or the system that sends signals to tell what our bodies need. So you can see how amazing this body is and how we can get our health back on track by supporting it. 

It’s no wonder why we can see so much illness and suffering in the world. When we have been told for so long how something works but forget to understand what the body is capable of, we are led to believe that we can’t attain the health that was much more common not too long ago. Let’s work together to allow health not to be the outlier but to be the average.

Have a great week!

– Dr. Chip