Immune Systems and Weather


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Wow – what a beautiful weekend. It
was a great reprieve back to beautiful Fall weather. I hope that you were able
to get outside and enjoy it without working yourself too hard in the yard. The
leaves are coming down but the winter wind will blow them away so don’t hurt
yourself raking leaves too much. It sure was nice being able to be outside and
enjoy the sun without a coat. Don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to do
that this year. Even the stores have lots of Christmas stuff available already
so we know that the winter season is fast approaching. We have lots of products
here at Natural Health to help keep your immune system strong during the winter
season. Don’t wait till you “catch” some bug but prevent that from happening by
keeping the immune system strong. We can help!

            Our topic of information for this
month is Preparing for Winter. The topic of our health shop Monday night is
“Why do I get sick?”. The immune system is very interesting in that there are
many ways to mess it up. I find it so interesting with this Covid business,
that no one on mainstream media talks about strengthening the immune system.
This is normal operating procedure for us here at Natural Health, getting the
body to work correctly and strengthening the immune system. The article I’ve
enclosed looks at the causes of age-related macular degeneration. The article talks
about the big 4 problem makers-sugar, seed oils, processed foods, and trans
fats. Guess what? These are the same problem cause’s for all the degenerative
diseases that humans suffer from now. A very interesting statistic in the
article looks at infectious diseases being the main cause of death in the late
1800s but that’s all changed now to degenerative diseases. I’ve always said
that refrigeration and sanitation has saved more lives than the medical
profession. Now were fighting the Big Food manufacturers and the mainstream
media “food” advertisements. And Big Pharma loves all the disease caused by
this improper eating.

            At Natural Health, we help our
patients to understand what’s going on in history and why we need to get back
to eating real food and why it’s so important. Yes processed foods taste good
but are making us all sick-slowly. That’s why it’s called degenerative disease. 

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Patient Testimony: What
was it like before I came to see Dr. Mark?:

I was
tired all the time, couldn’t sleep well. I was bloated. My joints hurt. My
sinus was a big problem.

is it now?:

I have
more energy and I sleep great at night. I am no longer bloated. My sinus are
greatly improved. (M.M.)

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark