Importance of Fats

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another great weekend, I hope you
were able to enjoy it. I’m always amazed at how the world turns and the weather
changes here in the Midwest. The days are starting to get a little shorter so
enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures while we can. Don’t forget to eat good
quality sea salt to help stay hydrated during the hot weather. Even being
inside in air-conditioning dehydrates the body. Some of my patients have told
me the MDs are telling them to get electrolytes, that’s what sea salt is simply
stated. They have a hard time telling people to eat salt when they’ve been
pooh-poohing it for decades. This is especially important if you have leg
cramps or start feeling really tired after lots of exertion.

            I’ve included a great article today
that looks at the real science and truths of the need to eat saturated fats and
why they are healthy for us. The oil soluble vitamins are present in these fats
and mankind has been eating them for millennia. It was only during this
cholesterol scam that mainstream medicine has been telling people not to eat
this good food. And vitamin D, being an oil soluble vitamin, is so important
now for your immune system to work correctly. Many MDs are telling patients
they need more vitamin D and then getting them to use a synthetic form of D3,
which is not the same. Just like the salt business, they have a hard time telling
people to eat saturated fats when they been pooh-poohing it for decades. At
Natural Health, we have been studying these things for decades now and working
with patients in a clinical setting and know what foods work best for their body.
There are other parameters at work here that must be addressed as well, like
digestion, but these things can be corrected and people can heal themselves and
prevent disease. With this CCP virus, people are starting to look at the need
to prevent problems more and more. Mainstream medicine still seems to have no
logical approach to this virus, you have to go outside of this group to
engineers on social media, like Ivor Cummins, to get the real scoop. Most
medical folks have been brainwashed for years on things like no salt and no
saturated fat and they just can’t get past it. Look for the real science to get
to real health, as we do here at Natural Health. 

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-Dr. Mark