Importance of Vitamin D and C

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another great weekend, I hope you
were able to enjoy it and get that good vitamin D activating sunshine. It’s
definitely getting hot at times and the humidity was up so don’t forget to use
more sea salt or mineral salt to keep yourself hydrated. Also using coconut oil
on those suntanned or sunburned areas helps the skin to heal itself quickly and
get that good tanning process going.

            Hard to believe that June is almost
gone but looking forward to the July 4 weekend and all the fun that goes with
that. I’m talking to a lot of patients about eating as healthy as possible as
all these holidays seem to get us into bad habits of eating too much junk food
and sugar. There’s lots of good recipes for good foods and we are having some
shown on our health shop this week. If you happen to miss it on Monday night,
it will be on our channel and on YouTube.

            This goes right along with the
article that I’ve included looking at the importance of vitamins C and D to
help the immune system. I think it’s pretty easy to understand that human
beings have lived this long because they’ve eaten real food, at least in the
past. If you go to many of the stores, you’ll see people in the electric
buggies and with walkers and all kinds of devices because they are chronically
ill. I’m hoping that with this virus crisis, people will start to look at their
health and take control of it themselves rather than leaving it up to their
medical doctor. Their report card is not very good on health as half of the
country is overweight and a 3rd is diabetic. They are in the
business of treating people and are excellent on trauma and emergencies, but
this type of care does not work on chronic disease and health. Also it’s
important to look at preventing these problems rather than just waiting for a
miracle cure or some drug treatment. Our bodies were meant to run on real food
from a variety of sources and the only thing that gets in the way is the
person’s inability to digest. At Natural Health, our treatments work towards
getting the body healthy and keeping it that way so it gets better and stronger
as time goes on, not weaker and with more chronic disease. People need to
realize that drugs are not nutrition and actually make the condition worse. Now
more than ever we need a strong immune system and we know how to strengthen it
here at Natural Health! 

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 Happy Independence Day weekend 
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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark