In A Fog

Hey Natural Health Family, welcome back. It looks like spring has sprung. This means a time for changes not only in the weather but also in the activities we do in life. We all want our bodies to feel good and function well as we are able to get outside more. Whether it is getting your hands dirty gardening, making plans with friends, celebrating holidays and events, or just simply enjoying the company of another, spring is a time for change. Sometimes it can be a little scary to change but it is important to be able to flow with it and adapt as we can. 

Have you ever had scattered thinking, brain fog, or just felt like you simply couldn’t think straight? I think we have all been there in some way or fashion. When your phone or computer starts to slow down and not work as fast or efficiently as it used to it needs to do a cleaning. We too need to allow ourselves to reset and cleanse so that our brain and body are working effectively. If we don’t eat good nourishing foods for our body to have the correct minerals to cleanse, or we don’t take time to pause and reflect from time to time, we can act like the phone slowing down. Brain fog is one symptom that can come from our body telling us that we need to clear some things out. Our body needs a reset and our minds need a rest from the business that can happen in life. When our bodies are working smoothly it allows things to flow, it takes in what it needs and gets rid of what it doesn’t. However, when our body can’t adapt anymore due to other factors in life, then it can start to “malfunction” causing symptoms like brain fog. So this is simply a sign saying, take some time for yourself, nourish your body, and start enjoying the little things in life again. 

In this world we can easily get caught up in the busy day to day work and other activities. We can get caught in the social media comparison trap of the world. However, we can choose to take time to slow down allowing ourselves to reset so that we can adapt to all that happens around us. Slow down a little this week, thanks for reading. 

-Dr. Chip