Increase Energy

            How is 2020 going for you? The
weather hasn’t been too bad but it is winter. Again, we are getting a lot of
news from out there about all the flu and colds. Most of these are driven by
viruses and antibiotics do not help viruses, plus they cause yeast infections
due to killing off all the good bacteria. It’s much smarter to work on your
immune system so the body can keep all these bugs under control. We have many
good products to help with this and they go right along with our Nutrition
Response Testing technique to find out which ones the person being tested
needs. Just taking “vitamin C”, which is normally just ascorbic acid, is a way
of helping the pH in the gut and can be helpful but is not really strengthening
the immune system like the true vitamin C complex nutrition can. There is so
much baloney out there in the nutrition media so it is important to know what
works for you, not only for the benefit, but for the efficiency and cost.

            The theme for January is on Energy
and I’ve enclosed an article on how vigorous exercise and the increased energy
helps to reduce mortality in women as described by this study. Mainstream
medicine looks at the body like a machine without even addressing its energy.
This is basically why they fail in healthcare. In our Nutrition Response
Testing technique, we are measuring energy and monitoring how the body is doing
with it. The Chiropractic adjustment that we use helps to keep the nerve flow
open so the body can communicate with itself and work the body towards optimum
energy and healing. The energy coaching that we do helps with past emotional
drains of energy and again works the body towards optimum health and vitality.
This three-pronged approach is what the body needs for true natural health.
Mainstream medical treatments work on disease management, which is fine, but
let’s get the body healthy and not need treatments.

            All of us here at Natural Health
want to help your 2020 be the healthiest ever. We are working on things to get
the family more involved in staying healthy and staying away from the need for
medical treatment. Let’s work towards health and vitality, not just pain

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark