Is Tart Cherry Worthy of the Hype?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-
I hope that you enjoyed your weekend even though there were still some snow around. It’s not
Spring yet but at least we’re out of the deep freeze from the week before. I always like to see the snow
that we have melt so that if we get more, it doesn’t turn into big piles and cause more trouble. We need
the moisture because it was dry last year, but I’d rather have it in nice warm rain. With all this change in
weather, we’re getting a lot of patients complaining of sinus congestion. We’re using a lot of Antronex
which is a nutrition to help the liver drain lymphatics. Antronex is actually a food product that is good for the body rather than using over the counter medications that actually make the liver more toxic. This of course makes the trouble worse and you keep having sinus congestion and not fixing anything, and you keep buying the medication-just what they want.
The article that I’m sending along this week looks at the use of tart cherry juice to help with
Gout and weight. It’s another proof that there are so many good natural foods out there to help with
health conditions. The problem comes in with the body’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from
these good foods, and the person’s choices of foods that are harmful to the body so that the good
nutrition can’t do its job. There are also things that cause barriers to the nervous system so that the
body cannot coordinate the healing process. An example would be heavy metal toxicity, the most
common one we see is mercury from the mercury amalgams in people’s teeth. With the use of our
Nutrition Response Testing technique, we can find these barriers and remove them so that the nervous
system can coordinate its healing efforts and get the body back on track to health. As far as I know,
Nutrition Response Testing is the only way to find these barriers and get them eliminated so that a
person can attain actual true health. Actual true health is that condition in which a body has the ability
to heal itself and have vitality and energy to enjoy life. If a person is on any kind of medication, then
they’re not getting to the state of actual health, but just symptom relief or disease management. We
want to change that paradigm into getting everybody actually healthy and not being fearful of all the
bugs and things mainstream media love to throw at us.
Don’t forget that this month were talking about Weight Control and Health in our Health Shops,
and this week we’re talking about Hypo and Hyper Thyroid conditions. The thyroid is very important
because it helps with metabolism and energy in the body. At Natural Health, we work towards getting
thyroids to work normally, not trying to force it to work more or less, but just normally so the body has
good health and metabolism is normal. This is really part of our underlying purpose here at Natural
Health, to get people healthy so that your body works normally and can heal itself. Most people think
that this happens automatically without trying but that is just not the case, especially in our
environment with all the chemicals and toxins and things out there. And then if you add bad diets and
bad decision making when eating and drinking, the body gets toxic very easily and cannot coordinate its
healing ability. We’re just trying to get the body to work normally to promote actual true health. 
Is Tart Cherry Worthy of the Hype? Read Article.
Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well
-Dr. Mark