Is Your Family Ready For Back To School?

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

great weekend with some rain and cooler temperatures. I hope that you’re
enjoying mowing grass again. It’s almost like having Spring again. I think that
everyone is happier with having the grass green and not looking like fall so
much. The rain has also helped clear the air out so people are having less
allergy symptoms. Don’t forget that we have great products here at Natural
Health to help your body get those pollens and dust particles out of the body,
so that they don’t cause symptoms. It’s great to have that smell of fresh cut
grass in the air.

forget that were having our health shops on Monday night at 6:15 live on
Facebook and Instagram, and then recording it on and YouTube for
viewing later. This month were talking about getting back to school topics and
this week, were talking about learning disabilities and how to help that. Most
of the kids that I see, they have learning disabilities, have some heavy metal
toxicity and we can help the body detox that out and then support the brain
function that helps with learning. We have helped hundreds of kids over the
years with this problem. Last week we talked about the foods that people need
to know about so that the kids can have a good day learning at school and would
be a good review for this topic. I had a niece visiting over the weekend that
has some health issues, and she was complaining that she has no control over
her body and what it does. My comment was that she does have control of what
she puts in her mouth, and living quite a ways away from here, and not that I
can see all the time, she eats a lot of junk food and sugary stuff. Our bodies
always want to be healthy and work correctly but we have to remove the barriers
that keep the body from healing itself, and feed the body the actual food it’s
supposed to have, not the junk and processed stuff that “tastes good”.

article I’m sending along today goes right along with this learning disability
problem in that good sleep is very important for the body to heal itself and
for the brain to be able to work correctly the next day. The amount of sleep
and the quality of sleep are very important aspects to be aware of. Simple
things that help that are not having a light on in the room, or a TV, or a
computer screen, and not having a cell phone close to the body, so the
electromagnetic frequency pollution does not affect the sleep of the person.
Also not eating junk food before bed is another simple way of helping sleep to
be good. We help a lot of people to regain their ability to sleep well here at
Natural Health. The parasympathetic nervous system must come up at night to
help the body to relax and get deep sleep. Most of the time this is not
happening because the patient is low on certain B vitamins because of eating
all the sugary stuff the day before, or week or month or year before. Again,
the body wants to be well and work correctly but you must keep the
environmental barriers from affecting the nervous system, and feed the body
correctly so that it has the correct vitamins and minerals and macronutrients
to work correctly-actual food. 

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