It All Works Together

Bonjour Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone is doing well and enjoyed all the rain during the weekend. Springtime has its pluses and minuses. We have the weather changes and the rains. Many times people can get caught up in the complaints of the rain and not being able to enjoy the day outside. However, we can soon forget that the April showers bring May flowers. That is important because the flowers help in the growth of the crops which help feed the many people in the world and so on. So although we may at times think it’s a negative part of life, it is also essential for us to live it well. Let’s see how we can switch the way we see our health as well going into the spring and summer seasons. 

This week’s talk is about lymph glands. Now, the lymph system may not get all the praise as other systems of the body, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as essential. Our bodies are wonderfully created and designed to be healthy and adapt to the world around us. Although we may have been or are being told differently, the human body is the most sophisticated technology in the world. Our health does not come from the ability to acquire chemicals or technological advances, which can be useful at times, but rather it comes from an understanding of what the body is capable of. The lymph system along with all the other systems work in harmony to allow us to stay healthy. Just imagine all of the trillions of processes that our bodies perform every single day. The lymph system is like our waste management system that allows our bodies to cleanse and get rid of whatever they need to so that the other systems work optimally. That is why it is important to stay hydrated, to move our bodies, get some sunshine when we can, and take time to relax (and appreciate the intelligence of our body). 

We have been told for many years that we are destined to a genetic destiny, that we are somehow doomed and our bodies just break down over time. Although we may not be as strong and mobile as we were when we were younger, it does not mean that our body and the trillions of cells stop working for us. Let’s appreciate what our bodies do, let’s give them the support they deserve, and allow ourselves to live healthy throughout our many years but relatively short time here on Earth. Have a great week. 

  • Dr. Chips