Joy In The Journey

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. How was everyone’s weekend? Did you get to spend it with family or friends? I imagine you were able to have a little fun. Many people have different ideas or opinions of fun or play. Typically people think of it when they are on vacation, it’s the weekend, or a specific activity. Nonetheless, who says you can’t enjoy where you are or what you are doing most of the time.

Have you ever tried a new activity and was an expert the first time? Most likely that was not the case. You may even have thoughts about how bad you are at the activity or what others may think of your skill level. Or when you mess up you get hard on yourself for not doing it that well. We all may do this from time to time. However, do you remember being a kid and learning new things? Have you seen a kid start learning to walk and thought to yourself how come he or she doesn’t know how to walk yet? Of course not. Yet, even though the kid is falling down, stumbling, and tripping over themselves you think he or she is just learning and will get the hang of it. Then it will become second nature and then off to new activities.  

  Many times we feel that we must be on vacation to have fun. By no means am I saying not to go on vacations, they can be a blast and much needed for many people. However, we can also have fun with our day to day things as well. Just like the example before with the child, even through the stumbles and falls you can witness the smiles and laughs. The child doesn’t seem to worry whether they will be able to walk but more enjoying the ups and downs of the journey towards being able to walk naturally. 

So whatever we are going through we can be more easy with ourselves. As adults we have more responsibilities which may lead us to tend to take things more seriously. However, if we have to do something anyway we might as well choose to enjoy more of it. There are times when life just happens to work out and when we enjoy it we welcome life to unfold naturally.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip