Kids Health

 Hello Natural Health Family. Welcome back for another great week. This month we are talking about health as it relates to kids and education. Children are the future to this world and it is paramount that kids learn in a positive manner about health and well being so it can be carried on for future generations. 

We know that kids can learn fast. Children also learn in many different ways. This is great because it brings creativity to the learning process. Many times boys and girls growing up will learn a great amount of information from their parents. Then as they get into school more so their teachers, authority figures, and peers. As kids observe the world around them they start gaining more information about how the world works. Of course this can be very different from one group to another, from one location to the next, and from one culture to a different way of

living. Whatever the case may be, it is important to practice a healthy way of living. Since many kids learn from their environment, then it is up to us to be role models for healthy living. 

So what can help and contribute to a healthy atmosphere for kids? When we think about being models for others we can see that when we give ourselves some time we are able to help others more. People are wired to help others. However, if we don’t keep ourselves well we can fall into a problematic spin where we are less able to really take care of anybody including ourselves. Therefore, when we take care of ourselves we are better able to support others, including children. When we are healthy we allow ourselves to have more energy, feel more calm, and be a strong foundation for others around us. 

There are many avenues to health. We may think of eating good foods and moving our bodies well. It can mean getting outside and breathing in some fresh air and getting some good sunshine. It could be allowing others to express themselves in whatever way they feel comfortable. It could mean connecting and listening to what others have to say. It could be creating something and allowing ourselves to get lost in a project. It could be playing games or eating a great dinner with family. It could be whatever brings you joy and makes you laugh. And the funny thing is, many of these things are what kids do best. 

We all want health for our family and friends. When we are healthy we are able to live a more satisfying life. We forget at times that kids can teach us many things when it comes to our own health. Kids can show us that everyday is a gift and when we can see life more that way it can help make any journey in life that much more enjoyable.

Have a great week.

Dr. Chip