Learn By Experience

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. September is already coming to an end. Time seems to be moving fast. Does it seem like that to you? Life can seem like a steady slow stream and then a class V white water rapid where you don’t know what lies ahead. At times we need to trust the process and other times we need to learn more to better be prepared to help ourselves along the way. Health is an aspect as well that we need to incorporate both trust and knowledge so that we are able to live happy healthy lives. 

Knowledge tells us that the stove can get really hot. Wisdom helps us understand not to put our hand on it. When we learn various information we can better understand what is needed to get the result we want. However, many times we need to experience things in life to actually know what to do. We can read a book on the specific ways to drive a car, but until we actually get in one and go through the process do we get to the point of knowing how to do it well. 

We are all starting to become more aware of our health and the health of the world. There is a shift happening where many people are starting to question why things are the way they are. It is up to us to do what is needed to learn more and help ourselves come back to the understanding that it is natural and normal to be healthy. The great part is that we don’t always have to do it ourselves but can come together and through connection be able to experience health again the way we are meant to be.

Have a blessed week!

Dr. Chip