Let It Shine

Aloha, Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone enjoyed the weekend. If you haven’t heard, there is supposed to be a solar eclipse today! So you know what that means… I’m not 100% sure either ha. However, I have seen a lot of talk and news about it. Whatever the case may be we must be able to stay healthy and adapt to what comes in our life. 

A solar eclipse is a time when the moon lines up close to evenly between the Earth and the sun. This occurrence happens throughout history and can be significant times in our lives. It’s funny too because we are discussing vitamin D deficiency this week. We all know that sunshine is good for our Vitamin D levels. It’s interesting to think that the key source of life (the sun) has been pushed to be so much of a threat to our livelihood and health. Now our bodies don’t get vitamin D from the sun but the sun helps to activate vitamin D from other compounds that are already stored in our bodies. It is truly amazing and a blessing to see that the sun can do so much for us. We can also get vitamin D from food sources such as seafood like salmon and other fish, red meat, liver, eggs, etc. Vitamin D is important in many of the biological processes that our bodies go through daily. So when you have time throughout the day, week, or month take a break, go for a walk outside, or sit and soak up the sun. 

We all know that we feel better when the sun is shining. There is something about it that uplifts people. But we forget that even though it can be cloudy, the sun never ceases to shine. Remember too that life will have clouds and we experience moments when there is no sun to see, but we can still choose to be a light for others. Have a great week!

-Dr. Chips