Life’s Lessons

 Hello Natural Health Family. I hope everyone found some time to unwind, get some work done, start a new project, or have a little fun. It has been quite the roller coaster the past month and thanks for being patient with us all here at Natural Health. We still have many things to figure out but know that it will work out as life always has a way of doing that. Life is always changing, sometimes big and sometimes small. Therefore, we must be able to adapt so that we can live life more fully. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “you win some and you lose some?” If you are into sports at all you probably have heard the saying. Of course in life it may seem that we have wins and losses. However, this is one way to view it. There is another saying that is similar but with a small change. The saying is “you win some and you learn some.” Now can you see the difference. Think about for a moment all the greatest athletes, inventors, etc. If they let their losses discourage them from where they wanted to go then they would have quit long before they achieved their success. Thomas Edison, when he was creating the light bulb said (something close to this) that he didn’t have 1,000 failures just 1,000 ways not to do it. He realized that he could learn from what not to do in order to create something great that impacted the world. Although it is a small switch, even just a word, the switch can change the way we see things, helping us to learn from our loss and to help us transform the loss into a lesson. 

Life can consist of loss. In the moment, it can seem heavy, sad, and difficult to accept. Of course that is ok. We know however that it is a part of the ever changing life. The loss can help us realize how precious life is and live it with appreciation whatever life throws at us.

Thanks for all the love and support over the past month. 

Dr. Chip