Light The Way

 Welcome back to the great people of the Natural Health Family! Imagine you are all healthy, healing, and doing well. If people haven’t realized it yet, it seems that we are a part of a great shift in the way we all see health. We are starting to see more and more people moving from a “conventional” means of health to more alternative practices. As more light is being shed on what is going on in the world in many aspects, we will continue to see the shift. Furthermore, we don’t have to curse the darkness and the sickness of the world, rather we can focus on the light and all of our ability to become well. 

When you enter a dark room what is the first thing that you think about? Well if it’s after watching a scary movie you probably think about the jump out scenes from the movie haha.We typically don’t walk in the room and think “why is it dark in here?” or “where is this darkness coming from?” We don’t say “ I hate this darkness because I can’t see anything and I might stub my toe on something.” We don’t go in the room arms swinging, yelling and screaming, trying to fight the darkness out of there. Moreover, usually most people think “where’s the light switch?”

Much of our health industry has been focused on attacking and getting rid of the problem. There is a “war” on many issues related to sickness. You may hear about the different fights against “xyz.” However, this same industry has forgotten about our own healing capability. It has forgotten about the light inside us all. That even though there is darkness, our bodies ultimately contain the light to become healthy.   

When we can’t quite see where we are going we want to know where the light is that can show us the way more clearly. Life can have some scary times. However, we are more than our circumstances. We might not know exactly where we are going all the time but we can realize that we are capable of any challenge life throws at us. Shine Your Light!

Dr. Chip