Love Heals

 Hey my Loves. Ever since we were kids, we have been using this emotion. Love for others. Love for our food. Love for ourselves. Love for life. I think it would be safe to say that everyone’s strives to have a life that they can fully love. A life that they can relax, they can play, and they can feel abundant. As it relates to your health, love is the most powerful healer and can heal any type of illness that is in the body and mind. Many think that love is the red heart shaped box of chocolates with a teddy bear, but it goes much deeper than that. 

I have had the privilege to understand the true power of love in my own health and life. The research available is remarkable and once it is applied to one’s life, it can positively transform any area of your life. Why? Have you ever looked at a kid playing? Have you seen how present he/she is in the moment? Just in complete awe with everything in front of them. What changed us being a kid to us all grown up? The development of the conscious mind. When we were loving our lives as a kid, we were also being exposed to negative emotions. When we were kids, we were like sponges for information. Absorbing everything in our environment until the age of 7. After that age is when the development of the conscious mind comes in and now we are able to reason and plan. When this happens, the emotions we were exposed to is now the foundation of our adult age. They will continue to gain power until we release them from our minds. 

Anger, Hated, Anxiety, Nervousness, Envy, Fear, Worry and much more is what is “masking” the emotion of Love we were expressing when we were a kid. These negative emotions are not bad at any means. Simple lessons in order to get back to that kid-like love. These emotions draw us back from not being fully present in the moment. I could be writing this blog and my mind will take me to an embarrassing time when I was a kid or worrying about something I need to do later today. It doesn’t matter what it is. The mind, with the power we gave those negative emotions, will take us away from the present moment and create more and more chaos in our health and lives. What to do? Love. Love Love. This body we have is beautifully designed. However, we get frustrated with it and get irritated that it is not getting healthier. Ever thought about loving it? Because it’s not the body’s fault, it’s yours. Accepting you have “issues” with your body and life would be the first step to love. I am not going to go in depth of cellular biology, but when we use these negative emotions it causes disease to the cells in our body. Our body is simply a community of 30-50 trillion cells listening to whatever we tell it or what we have conditioned within our own minds. The negativity we were exposed as kids is lingering in the form of disease in our body throughout our adult life. Your body is always listening to our thoughts and emotions and if we continue to use the same negative emotions, we will continue to form illness in our body. When we use positive emotions like hope, patience, sympathy, courage, forgiveness, and love we create coherence and health in our body. Love Heals not just your body….

But our Life also. Just think about the relationships you have in your life. What emotions do you use towards others? What emotions do you use towards yourself? Love can balance out any relationship. Love is so powerful that it has brought together cities, states and countries. Yes there has been some negative emotions during that time, but love has always been there every step of the way. Research is stating that the energy that comes from the heart is 100x stronger electrically and 5000x stronger magnetically than the brain. We think the thoughts are hard to overcome, but if we approach the negativity we have in our life’s with positive emotions like appreciation, care, love, and compassion. What the mind has in stores stands no chance. 

If you find it hard to express your emotion, that is because your mind is conditioned with the negative emotions. As a man, we were told to not express our emotions. Many men and women have much disease in their body. It is 100% possible to switch the negativity you have in the mind to the love coming from the heart. The more you use this love and continue to use it. The use of negative emotions will cease to be. They will no longer come up. Love will take its place and balance out your life because the negative emotions will no longer cause the imbalance in your life. Make sense? More Love. More Balance. More Happiness. More Kidlike enjoyment. Train yourself to BE in this Loving state and be aware of how you look at yourself and others. You will see what steps you need to take if you truly want a life of your dreams. 

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Have a great day kiddos,

Coach Ed