Love The Game

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a good Super Bowl weekend regardless if you watched the game or not. Growing up playing years of football, I am of course familiar with the game. Also, being Valentine’s Day, we can talk about heart and how it contributes to desired outcomes in life. Let’s talk about balance and how enjoying the process is important to achieving the goal. 

Have you ever heard of the underdog story? Or I might ask who hasn’t heard of the underdog story. You know the one where the matchup between two opponents seems at great odds but nevertheless the one that is supposedly not as good as the other opponent wins. It is the classic story that everyone likes because it sparks something within all of us. It shows us that it isn’t always about the person or team that has the most talent. It’s not always about who has the greatest strength or power. It’s not always about the person who knows the game well. Of course, those are key factors to win any competition. However, sometimes it requires a little extra. When the underdog reaches deep within and finds that he or she can go further than previously thought then the person is able to break the odds and beat the opponent. It is the process of breaking down self limits to overcome the so-called impossible. 

In any event in life we know that sometimes it requires the heart to push forward. Whether it’s in a sports competition, a setback in life due to circumstances, connecting with others, etc. we can see that the heart plays an important part. It’s when we get out of our heads and into our hearts we have the courage and strength to see what was not there before. We move from trying to figure out all of what could go wrong to knowing that we can do what is right and trust in ourselves. We start to trust in the process and enjoy the journey. Many people who play any sport sometimes have that realization that when they let go and just have fun is when they play their greatest game. We forget that when we fall in love with the process that things tend to work out for the better. 

Our hearts are an amazing part of our bodies. The human heart is responsible for transporting the blood to all cells of our bodies. It is constantly beating 24/7 without us thinking about it. It can help us gain great insight to many of the issues we may face today. It allows us to go from thinking about something to just knowing it. This week I encourage you to allow yourself to follow your heart more and see where it may be guiding you.

Thanks for reading.  

Dr. Chip