Love The Game

 Hello Natural Health Family. I know not everyone watches football or even the Super Bowl, but hope that everyone had a good weekend regardless. I have played sports for much of my life. Whether it was baseball, basketball, football, or rugby I always wanted to get better at it. Something has been coming up more for me. I realized that the moments I played the best at each sport I wasn’t trying to win but rather having fun. Let’s talk some more about how our health and having fun is a great combination. 

For our health we know that resting is important. This rest can come from taking breaks while working or getting a good night’s rest. When we cease physical activity we are able to allow our body to recover so that we may have energy to perform future tasks. There is another form of rest which can be more to cease mental activity. This is done when we get involved in something that we enjoy. This could also be called recreation or even having fun. Recreation or fun can come in many forms. Many times we think about fun as something we want to do on the weekend, a hobby, or going on vacation. Of course these are all important aspects of fun and encouraged to be able to do in our life. However, we can also consider fun as a state of mind or something we can practice in our daily lives. we forget about the notion of having fun with the simple things. 

Why I bring this up is because I know that when we enjoy something we are able to get lost in the activity. This not only allows us to cease mental activity but also allows us to learn much faster. Consider all the greatest athletes that ever played. They not only worked hard but they allowed themselves to have fun and bring joy to what they were doing. You may have heard that those players fell in love with the game. They don’t think about what to do but more get into a flow and allow opportunities to open up in which they make great plays happen.

We all know that when we have fun it feels like time works differently. Just like when we work waiting for the clock to get to a certain time it feels very slow. When we are having fun our blood pressure normalizes, our breathing is more relaxed, and we feel better. We may every now and then get caught up in many things in our life but when we can enjoy the process in any avenue we are able to let life flow more smoothly. A wise teacher once said, worry not about tomorrow for tomorrow has its own worries,” so give yourself permission to enjoy today.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip