Low on Salt?

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope that everyone had a great
Fourth of July weekend. We took off Monday as a bonus for everyone’s hard work
during the virus business so the email blast this week is a little late. We
sure had fun outside enjoying the warm weather and it was definitely warm. I’ve
had several patients come in today already showing signs of dehydration and
basically because everyone forgets that they need extra salt during these hot
spells, as well as good quality water. We’re using a lot of our salt pill
product called Cal-Amo and I take quite a few when I’m sweating through my
clothes on these hot days. If you start feeling weak and tired, like a wrung
out dishrag, usually means you’re low on salt and becoming dehydrated. There’s
nothing wrong with sea salt or mineral salt but stay away from the processed
white junk salt, especially in packaged processed “foods”.

            I’m enclosing a great article with this
email on why polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFAs, are so bad for us. The
video from Dr. Knobbe has lots of good information as to why this is. At
Natural Health, we get people to look at white flour and white sugar and
mention the use of good quality fats but this video and article really needs to
be looked at as a major cause of poor health. The health of the entire world
has gotten worse over the last century due to the use of processed foods and
vegetable oils. The information in the video is amazing and we will be
stressing these points more at Natural Health.

            One of the big points that I want to
make here is that mainstream medicine has been promoting the use of these oils
and processed foods ever since Pres. Eisenhower’s heart attack back in the 50s.
They are still promoting the use of “heart healthy” carbs and keeping people
away from saturated fat. The science on this has been proven over and over but
you can’t make money on treatment unless you keep your patients sick. I am
always amazed at what my patients tell me they have been advised on when they
have certain conditions, i.e.-eating oatmeal every morning as a diabetic-crazy!

            At Natural Health, we strive to get
our patients to be actually truly healthy. What is your definition of health?
Being pain-free is not healthy. Being on drugs or medications, or people that
are overweight, is not healthy. 

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