Masks and Viruses


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope that everyone had a great
weekend and enjoyed some rain. I missed talking to you last week because of the
Labor Day holiday but did send out the list of independent media that I use and
hope you find it informative. The mainstream media is bought and paid for by
advertisers so not a great place for actual facts, it seems to be mostly
propaganda now. Quite different from the days of Walter Cronkite! The weather
is changing too and fall is fast approaching. We are using a lot of our Albizia
Complex product for allergy symptoms as all the fall weed pollen’s are in the
air. Hopefully the rain well have cleaned the air up a bit, but know that it is
available and works very well without side effects.

            I am including an article today on
the false sense of security that masks are giving people. Our theme for
September is talking about chronic illness in America and there sure is a lot
of it. We’re seeing this manifest with all the worry about the virus and
peoples poor immune systems. All this ties together with the false sense of
security in masks as most people have a false sense of security with the
mainstream medical approach to healthcare. We think that because we get a
health exam once a year and are on medications for blood pressure and
cholesterol, that that is health and were okay-especially if the insurance pays
for it. This is why chronic disease in this country is so high, because this is
not health but disease management. Add to this the SAD diet, or standard
American diet, and you have a recipe for disaster, which is why were in this
virus mess and people think they need to wear a mask to not “catch it”. Viruses
are pieces of messenger RNA that nature uses to talk to each other and create
heard immunity. They have developed with us over the millennia and will be
around forever so wearing a little mask will not stop them. If you want to be
truly healthy, you need to get the body in good nutritional shape and viruses,
and other critters, won’t bother. The topic for our health shop tonight is
general cancer information and this goes right along with our discussion.
Cancer is a problem with the immune system and mainstream treatment doesn’t
look at the cause. Early screening is not prevention and may be more of a
marketing tool than anything. We want to prevent all these problems at Natural

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Patient Testimony: In the beginning, my issues were neck, back and
shoulders rating of pain level was 6-7. I worked at a profession that required
working with hands, back and shoulders in the air or stretched in ways that
were harmful as I grew older. I worked 50 years at the same profession.

How I am now

Pain level is 0-1 with no pain unless I do something
that I know not to do

I now go 1x every 2 weeks.

Before 2x per week so that is improvement.. Yepee

The staff are kind, helpful and timely.with

They also appreciate my humor and that is very
important to me. LOL

There is a mantra.
ICE ICE ICE..As Dr Mark says every time after a treatment and it works.   – 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark