May Is Women’s Health Month

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another interesting weekend with the
weather and the wind but everything is definitely greening up and looks like
were finally getting away from freezing temperatures. The trees are budding out
and the grass is definitely growing and almost hard to keep up with already.
Getting plenty of moisture which should help bring up those May flowers. With
all the budding of the trees and the flowers and things, there is lots of
pollen out there and were starting to get patients asking for help with allergy
symptoms. We have several good products for that that are actually good for the
body by helping the liver to drain and process these things that were going to
breathe in whether we want to or not. Over-the-counter and prescription
medications work but there’s a price to pay and we help those symptoms with
supplements that don’t damage the body in any way.

            And speaking of May, it’s a new
month and were talking about women’s health this month. Our health shop this
week looks at the hormone systems and how they work, or don’t work. It will be
some interesting information so tune in live Monday evening at six or catch the
presentation on or YouTube. Hormones are the information pathway
that the body uses to communicate with itself and get systems to work more or
less. They are very interconnected and it’s much better to have the body
regulate these systems itself rather than using artificial hormones that dis-regulate
other systems as well.

            The article that I’m sending along
looks at the direct connection between the increased amounts of ultra-processed
foods and mortality. Anyone in the natural health field knows of this
connection but now were seeing actual “scientific” proof statistically that
this is the case. One of the main problems is that mainstream medicine does not
want to address this as for one, they think that patients won’t do anything
about it anyway, and two, it will reduce profits and doctor visits. That may be
a harsh way of looking at it but that’s the business model. The good news is
that we are here at Natural Health to circumvent this system and get people
healthy by their own means and own self-control. Sometimes it seems hard but
once you educate a person into why certain foods are bad for them, it makes
sense and they can use self-control, and making better choices, to work towards
a better, healthier lifestyle. With the use of our nutrition work and dietary
counseling along with excellent chiropractic care, we help the body to work
correctly and heal itself and, believe it or not, this helps to relieve
cravings for all this junk food that we have gotten used to over the years. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

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Dr. Mark