Men’s Health

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope you had a great weekend and
was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. It was a little cooler,
I think that might have been “BlackBerry winter”. Blackberries and raspberries
are blooming and it’s about this time of the year. Looks like next week will be
pretty warm and people’s air-conditioners will be kicking on. Don’t forget to
use good quality mineral salt or sea salt to help keep yourself hydrated, along
with the water.

            Well we started a new month and the
theme for this month is men’s health. Last month’s theme of women’s health was
overshadowed by the virus business and everyone is still thinking about that
yet. Things are starting to open up and getting somewhat back to normal. I
think what’s left now is just politics and power plays. Most of the research
I’m seeing shows that the lockdown was too late and that face masks reduce the
strength of the immune system in healthy people. Again if you have a pre-existing
condition and sitting around eating junk food you have a lowered immune system,
you should be cautious and careful. But let the rest of us get back to work and
enjoy life and be healthy.

            I’ve included an article this week
on vitamin D and why it is so important for the immune system. And of course,
right now we are thinking about the immune system only but vitamin D helps all
the systems of the body. The theme for this week is men’s heart health and
vitamin D helps with that too. I hope that everyone is starting to realize what
a mess mainstream medicine is and that we need to look at the body as a whole
and not keep treating symptoms of one system or another. Another thing to
realize is that mainstream medicine has no treatment for the immune system. We
have relied on antibiotics for decades now at the expense of learning how to
strengthen the immune system with good food and supplemental nutrients as
needed. It’s also important to realize that the digestive system has to be
online so that it can absorb and utilize the oil soluble vitamins like vitamin
D, in the body. If your liver is toxic and overloaded, or your stomach is not
producing stomach acid, or you’re on a proton pump inhibitor, you will not
absorb these good nutrients and be healthy. Taking drugs for symptoms is not
health! When will people learn this? 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark