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Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Wow – what a great weekend! If you
liked hot weather and sunshine, it was a great weekend for you. We got a lot of
yardwork and things done outside and we were moving to a different house this
weekend, so a lot going on. So thankful for the great weather and getting some
sunshine and that good vitamin D activation. People are asking us about
sunscreens and what we’ve learned is that if you need to use a sunscreen, make
sure that it blocks both UVA and UVB light. Most only do one and you end up
with a deeper burn. We just use coconut oil before and after being in the sun
and limit our exposure to a specific time, just getting pink or tanned and not
getting burnt. Common sense approach to getting sun on your skin is so
important for increasing your immune system’s ability to work and strengthen.

            We are into June and this month’s
topic is Men’s Health. Our Monday night health shop is on fertility and ED and
some virus info updates. It seems like the virus news is gone now along with
the virus itself. We’re seeing information that the virus wasn’t as big a deal
as the numbers touted as they were all inflated because of the pay schedule to
hospitals. Anyway, were glad it’s fading. The article that I’ve included this
week looks at the waking up of people to censorship in the major media and
social media networks. Even though it seems like its gotten worse with this
virus business, it’s been going on for years and years. That’s why you never
see any great articles on chiropractic or nutrition in the mainstream media and
definitions are changed like in Wikipedia. I think it’s important for people to
do their own research and find good places of non-censored information. I like but there are many others that we can help you find here
at Natural Health.

            An important point here is that not
only are we good at getting people healthier and keeping them that way, but we
have lots of information available to share with people and know a lot of good
sources that are not being censored for political or monetary reasons. Because
we do clinical work at Natural Health, what we do works for our patients. We’re
not controlled politically and are not doing experimental work, just getting
people well and energetic. We would love to help anyone that you know who is
not well and energetic. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark